All good things must come to an end

Nalaka Malinda Perera

So I grab my pen,

to write this for you,

for the very last time,

I just wish you knew,

the pain in my heart,

the moment you left.

It hurts me so bad,

I wish I was dead.

I believed your promises,

I trusted your heart.

I loved you whole heartedly,

right from the start.

You cheated me once,

You hurt me back then.

But I knew I loved you,

and took you again.

We spoke of no ill,

We dreamt of sweet dreams.

We built our own fairy tales,

I showed you your wings.

I taught you all good,

you learnt how to love.

But in the end darling,

You ran out of love.

My days were all yours,

I sacrificed all.

Now that you’ve left me,

I’ve got nothing at all.

But what’s good of riches,

or diamonds or gold.

If I don’t have your love,


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