Searing Words

Frida Kalho. "Moses" Frida Kalho. “Moses”

The exorbitant eye of the sun
is opened all over
the ground,
hungry cyclops
seeking for his herd.

He incinerates with his screaming
the screaming gaze
of a child, a woman, a man.
The dried old ones
he strokes as an old memory
consumed from all sap
damn sap
of white hot flints,
barren bellies
stuffed, shrunken by pressure.

A wet cheek
placed against the ground
drains out the eternal lava
through eternal perspirations, vacuous and soporific.
Ah, let dance the cyclops,
let him get burn by the hysteria
in the middle
of his eye (ignis fatuus) opened,
holy fire,
purifying fire,
disintegration, disintegration,

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