Universal joy

The Lavender Letters

I can close my eyes
Envisioning you as a child,
Sweet girl in awe
Of the magic of the world,
Hair blowing in the summer breeze
And a smile lighting your face
Like human sunshine.
I see you with your creatures
Your pretty butterflies
You curiosity at all that moves
That lives.
We are not children any longer
Yet in our mind that spirit remains,
remembrance of the simple times
When the smallest thing filled
Our endless heart.
Time crashes down
And years go by
We wonder sometimes
What happened to that feeling,
That smile,
Those dreams?
How can we return?
I close my eyes and picture you there
Still a child,
Still so very content,
Not yet wounded
Spirit still so strong
And maybe that’s enough to make it so,
When we take back control
When we look in the mirror and smile,
Telling ourselves “not today”
Today I…

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